Flight Simulator Aviation Partners

Patty Wagstaff flies one of the most thrilling, low-level aerobatic routines in the world today. Flying before millions of airshow spectators each year, her breathtaking performances give spectators a front-row seat view of the precision and complexity of modern, unlimited hard-core aerobatics. Her aggressive smooth style sets the standard for performers the world over.

During the off-season Patty engages in such diverse projects as stunt flying and coordination for the movie and television industry. She is a member of the Screen Actors Guild, the Motion Picture Pilots Association and the United Stuntwomen's Association. She has demoed airplanes for companies such as Raytheon, flying their new military trainer, the T-6A Texan II, in airshows. Recently, she has been in Africa working with the Kenya Wildlife Service giving recurrency and bush training to their pilots in Kenya.

Patty Wagstaff Airshows, Inc. is based in St. Augustine, Florida.

For more information, visit www.pattywagstaff.com.

Patty is also a spokesperson for FlightAdventures, a company that brings flight simulation to life and operates the Virtual Pilot CenterTM, which provides a host of aviation-related services to simulator and real-world aviators. The company exists to provide the highest level of flight simulation experience to benefit real-world flight skills. For more information, visit www.flightadventures.com.